Chitkul, Sangla

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The Chitkul is a beautiful village, located at a height of 3450 meter on the Tibet border by the side of the stunning Baspa River. It is known to be the last village of India from Tibet border and is located at a distance of 28 km from Sangla. The tourists who visit Sangla must make sure that they go for half day trip to Chitkul to enjoy the natural beauty of the place and to have a relaxing experience in the comfortable surroundings of Chitkul.


It will only take one hour to reach Chitkul from Sangla, so if you are traveling in the morning, you can easily spend the whole day enjoying the astounding beauty of this small village and exploring the nearby attractions. There are several camp sites nearby Chitkul that offer the amazing views of Apple Gardens by the side of the Baspa River.

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