Karnataka Tourism

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Karnataka Tourism : Important Tourist Places and Attractions

Capital: Bengaluru
Location: South Western Region of India
Language: Kannada, English, Hindi
Religion: Hinduism, Christianity, Jainism, Sikhism and Islam
Best Time to Visit Karnataka: November to April
Summer (March to September): 20°C – 32°C
Winter (October to February): 10°C – 22°C

Karnataka with its glorious history, rich culture, and enriching tradition is located in the South-Western region of India. The sophisticated state is famous for its cultural heritage, picturesque landscapes and traditional craftsmanship. To add to it, Karnataka is a thriving hub of adventure and water sports activities. One of the India’s most visited states, Karnataka has something for everyone, from serene landscapes to scrumptious food and fine art.

Culturally diverse and historic Karnataka holds a prestigious position on the map of India. Blessed with the presence of some of the great dynasties like Hoysala, Rastrakutas, and Chalukyas, there are multiple heritage sites in Karnataka, which are the major tourist attractions. A holiday in Karnataka is vacation amidst hundreds years’ worth of history. It is a mesmerizing experience for the visitors to view the majestic monuments that range from gigantic forts, artistic mausoleums, bustling cities to the temples.

Karnataka’s unmistakable spirituality and religious flavor leave a long lasting impression on every tourist. From the beautiful Jain temples to the revered monasteries, the state is a road of enlightenment for many spiritually inclined tourists. Festival celebrations in Karnataka are an eccentric display of devotion, and passion. It is through the fair and festivals, tourists can witness the rituals of the state.

The pristine parks of the Karnataka harbour distinctive wildlife, migratory birds, elephants and most importantly the pride of India-Tiger. All thanks to the regions typography, geography and abundance of natural resources, Karnataka is rich in terms of flora. Also, Karnataka’s hosts a major biodiversity hub of India- Western Ghats. Lush green parks, clean beaches and architectural wonders have made Karnataka a top attraction.

For all those who are looking for a relaxing, historical gateway then visiting Karnataka should be on top of their list. Visit the eighth largest state of South India Karnataka to find a beautiful world that is away from the confines of mundane. Do visit for an unforgettable experience.

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Fascinating History of Karnataka:

History of Karnataka is engrossing and involving. Karnataka is ruled by many people; the land has seen many wars, emerges as victorious in setting vibrant civilization and even materialized as an electronic hub for the modern India. Badami Chalukyas, Kadambas and Gangas are some of the prominent rulers of Karnataka. Mughals also ruled in Karnataka and later Marathas came to have control over the Karnataka. However in 1799, Karnataka came under the control of British as they won the Anglo-Mysore war against Tipu Sultan and his army. Karnataka has witnessed the entire history of civilization as it is evolved from ancient Chindaka Nagas kingdom, through the golden Mauryan Empire, to thousand year of Muslim and British domination.

The Ground beneath the Feet- Dreamy Coastline

Sandwiched between the west coast and the Western Ghats, Karnataka’s coastline is bestowed with beautiful and undiscovered beaches.Long stretch of beautiful beaches extended along the Western coast from Gokarna to Karwar. The 320 km long coastline lies untouched is sprinkled with sleepy hamlets while the seaside beaches remain undiscovered by the masses. Gokarna Beach, Kaup Beach, Karwar Beach, Kudle Beach, Malpe Beach, Maravanthe Beach, and Maravanthe Beach are the famous beaches in Karnataka. On a beach tour to Karnataka, tourists can indulge in multiple adventure activities like scuba diving, aquatic parasailing, kayaking, etc.

Adventure for the Wondering Souls

For an enthralling adrenaline kicking experience, visit Karnataka. Whether its spring, summer, winter or monsoon, sports activities offered in Karnataka keeps adrenaline rushing. Karnataka is endowed with stunning beaches and mountain mosaics that make it look like a playground that hosts multiple adventure activities. From camping at the remotest places to cycling up on the hills, there is no limitation of options in Karnataka. You can also see the bird’s eye view of the state by either hopping in the microlight vehicle or by jumping from the plan while doing skydiving. Apart from all these activities, tourists can indulge in angling, boat rides, hiking, bungee jumping, camping, and kayaking. Take an adventure tour of Karnataka to savor the most delightful offering of the state, captivating sports against the backdrop of scenic ambiance are winning hearts of many tourists.

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