Rakcham, Sangla

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If you are in Sangla and not visiting Rakcham, then you are missing out on something very important. This picturesque spot is located between Sangla and Chitkul and is also the second-last village before the Tibet border. Pronounced as “Rakshyam” by the locals, the Rakcham village is blessed with many beautiful gardens, snow-clad mountain ranges, and lush green trees. The natural sights of this place are so amazing that tourists can’t resist visiting here. Many people prefer to trek through this village till Chitkul to enjoy the natural beauty that this place is blessed with.

HighlightsRakcham is a small village with several lodges and hotels and many apple gardens that add to the beauty of the place. It is nestled between the mighty snow covered peaks and a lush green landscape and looks like an absolute heaven on earth. Rakcham lies at an altitude of 2900 meters and is relatively unknown for many people. Still a good number of people visit this scenic spot, which has a population of approximately 800 people.

The people of Rakcham migrate every six months during winter to lower altitudes and return during April to sow seeds and tend to crops. This village seems to be a place from past as there are no newspapers, no post office, no internet, no police station, no wine shop, no market-just a couple of shop selling very basic neccessities. However, the place is blessed with crops, abundant water, and natural beauty, and is surrounded by lovely people.

There are two temples in the village i.e. Kali and Shiva and a Buddhist shrine, which reflects the rich culture of Tibetan people. Throughout the region, one will find a typical blend of Hindu and Buddhist ideology. Reaching Rakcham is easy as it is well-connected to major citities like Shimla and Delhi, so next time you are planning your holiday to Sangla Valley, don’t forget to visit Rakcham.

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