Tibetan Wood Carving Center, Sangla

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The Tibetan Wood Carving Center is one of the most famous attractions of Sangla that offers amazing items made out of wood carvings in Tibetan style. This place is very popular among shopaholics in the city and amid the tourists who visit Sangla from different parts of the country. The wood items available here are kept for display as well as for selling purpose and the tourists, especiallyforeign travelerslove buying such items. This center is located near the Saffron Farm in the outskirts of Sangla, and is accessible through a road.


The Tibetan Wood Carving Center has a good collection of hand-carved items, representing the artistic skills of the natives of the region. The travelers buy these items as souvenirs from Sangla to take back home the loving memory of beautiful Himachal Pradesh and its vivid culture.

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